Kate Davis, Charlie Hammond, Hayley Tompkins


Brexit: Mail Art 
from a Small Island“
Sipgate- Düsseldorf
Neil Bickerton, Matt Calderwood, Neil Clements, Andrew Cranston, Kate Davis, Lotte Gertz, Lois Green, Charlie Hammond, Sophie von Hellermann, Winnie Herbstein, Andrew Kerr, Aoife McGarrigle, Victoria Morton, Ciara Phillips, Lorna Robertson, David Shrigley, Calum Stirling, Michael Stumpf, Markus Vater, Ally Wallace, Michael White.
Eröffnung: 23.06.2019, 12.00-15.00 h 
Dauer der Ausstellung: 23.06.- 30.08.19
immer donnerstags von 15.00 -19.00 h



Hey fans of days,weeks,months, years, screen prints and flies this ones for you . Titled- “Someone took my dinner and I never even voted for it” . It’s the all new 2019 year planner hand printed by myself as an edition of 60. Measuring a whopping 68cmx 101cm and costing minuscule £25+pp. Drop me an email or text or stop me in the street if you want one.

Please email me on if you want one.
There will be a few available at the very excellent Good Press as well a great place for all your xmas shopping!


Lotte Gertz-Tony Swain- Charlie Hammond



Danglers of today, with Cameron Morgan. Project Ability.


Glasgow. April 5th,6th and 7th


The new Year Planner is finally here. This year is predicting all the coming highs and lows with worms and ladders. It still measures  68cm by 101cm and is a 5 colour, screen print on a heavy paper (capable of handling the heaviest crossing out) in an edition of 55 and it still only costs a crazy £20 + p&p.

Please email me on if you want one.
There will be a few available at the very excellent Good Press as well.




Various Borders Placed Together- with Lotte Gertz at Good Press


I will be resident in Dusseldorf for APRIL -MAY 2017

as part of the The Anna Lobner Glasgow / Dusseldorf Exchange.



Take a look at :


Mier Gallery

Including a short text by me.

After the success of last years effort, here is the new year planner (2017 ). Only £20.00, (£25 with postage)
We’re talking taps, plants, drips, days, months………..
It measures  68cm by 101cm and is a 5 colour screen print of an edition of 55.
Hand printed by myself, so full of even more authentic artistic mistakes and i’ve just noticed a big one, though it still works!
Please email me on if you want one.
There will be a few available at the very excellent Good Press as well.
Charlie Hammond
Glasgow Project Room 
103 Trongate. Glasgow. G15HD
Preview – Saturday 3rd September. 7pm-9pm
 7th – 10th September . Daily 12.30pm- 6pm.
Supported By Glasgow City Council.


Cooper Gallery invite you to join us at the Preview of our forthcoming exhibition NEW Wheat, NEW Mud, NEW Machine, by artists’ group Poster Club. Please join us on Thursday 10 March for an Artists’ Talk at 4.30pm followed by the Preview from 5.30-7.30pm.
year planner copy
The year planner (2016 ) measures  74 x 107 cm and is a 4 colour screen print of an edition of 40.
Hand printed by myself, so full of authentic artistic mistakes. I can guarantee all the days are present and correct, including this years bonus 29th February!
Please email me if you want one.
Birkenstrasse 43  D-40233 Düsseldorf
T +49-(0)151-22373974 F +49(0)211-68775790
 This Wheel´s On Fire
A show in association with Rob Tufnell
Aaron Angel
Michael Bauer
Will Benedict
Henning Bohl
William Copley
Charlie Hammond
Corita Kent
David Robilliard

The Ballet of the Palette

Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow.

Fri 20 Feb 2015 – Sun 24 Jan 2016 (public opening Thu 19 Feb, 5.30-7.30pm)During regular opening hours \ FREE \ drop inThe Ballet of the Palette is an exhibition of 20th century paintings selected form Glasgow Museums’ collection.  These paintings have been chosen by contemporary artists who exhibited work in the 2013 exhibition, Neil Clements, , Lotte Gertz, Charlie Hammond, Louise Hopkins, Merlin James, Victoria Morton, Carol Rhodes, Tony Swain, Hanneline Visnes and George Ziffo.